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General Payment
  • 1) Payment Requisition Form
  • Collect and check the accuracy of payment requisition form to perform payment for vendor, hospital, policy holder, staff and revenue department
  • Ensure that all payment requisition forms are aligned with the budgeting, management authorization, company’s policy and compliance including code of conduct
  • Record and maintain the payment information into Sun Accounting System
  • 2) Payment Process
  • Prepare the payment files in the right formats, according to Banks’ requirements
  • Submit the completed payment files with accuracy and in timely manner to Treasury & Cash Management in order to proceed payment process (e.g. DCA, Cheuqe)
  • 3) Payment related Report
  • Collect the information and prepare payment related reports
  • Review and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of payment related reports
  • Provide and submit the payment related reports to relevant departments according to the timeline and the requests
  • 4) Tax Payment
  • Monitor the rules and regulatory regarding to Tax payment
  • Check and define the requirements for tax payment (e.g. withholding tax, duty stamp, special business tax, double tax agreement), according to the rules and regulatory
  • Prepare tax payment documents and submit to Revenue Department for tax payment process
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting
  • At least 2 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, or other related fields in insurance or banking business
  • Finance and accounting skill
  • Knowledge of tax payment (e.g. rules and regulatory regarding to Tax payment)
  • Problem solving and decision making skill
  • Coordination and communication skill

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