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Service & Contacts

We value personal contact with you as a one stop service. Please select from the following list of contacts, so we can help you further:

Call 1373 (24Hours)Online EnquiryEmail:

  • Customer Services

  • Privilege

  • Welcome New Customers

  • In times of illness

  • In times of need

Customer Services

Because we understand the diversity of life rhythms. No matter what yours is like, we are always ready to be by your side to provide easy and speedy services.

  • Allianz Ayudhya Customer Care Centre Call. 1373
    Our unique one-stop service is available 24 hours a day. Special night time services have been added to cater to emergency illness or injury.
  • Prestige Line 0-2305-7777
    A special direct line is dedicated to Allianz Ayudhya Prestige Customers. (Monday-Friday, 08.00 a.m. - 08.00 p.m.)
  • Prestige Moments Online and Our Moments Online
    Useful information about your privileges reaches you instantly every month. Simply notify 1373 of your email address/ mobile number, or visit our website, to enjoy this monthly benefit, free of charge.

Always be there for your convenience and time saving

  • Cashless service
    Each time you receive medical treatment at any of over 200 Allianz Ayudhya Network hospitals, there is no need to pay cash. Just show your id card.
  • Health claim assessment 
    Your claim for medical expenses is approved within seven days after complete documents are received.
  • SMS Alert for claim approval status 
    No need to follow up on claim processing. You will be the first to know the result of the claim assessment via an sms sent directly to you.
  • Receiving policy benefits through a Direct Credit Account 
    Claim payment is made to your bank account within three days of the approval date. You are invited to apply for the service free of charge. (Download application here)


Allianz Ayudhya proudly provides a variety of privileges to our customers, such as store discounts, a welcome gift, monthly customers activities, online magazines and much more, to meet every rhythm of our valued customers’ needs. Our customers are cordially invited to participate in activities and privileges offered all year round.

Allianz Ayudhya policyholders and family member

  • Store discounts
    Enjoy your special privilege by just showing your Allianz Ayudhya policyholder card or the Prestige card which will entitle you to numerous discounts and special privileges.
  • Special promotions
    A vast variety of promotions such as health, supplementary services and other items have been prepared to offer to Allianz Ayudhya customers.
  • Customers’ activities
    Allianz Ayudhya customers can expect good activities organized for them throughout the year.

Please contact Allianz Ayudhya Customer Care Centre, by dialing 1373, for further information about customer privileges, or fill in the online enquiry form.

Welcome New Customers

  • Welcome SMS
    A short message sent to welcome you to our blue house after your application has been approved.
  • Customer Manual
    You new policy package is delivered together with a service manual which contains information about your policy benefits and important services.
  • Birthday SMS
    A birthday message is sent to you to wish for your happiness and good health.
  • Birthday Gift
    A special birthday gift is carefully selected and sent to you, as an Allianz Ayudhya Prestige Customer, within 30 days of your stated birthday.
  • A gift for your newborn child 
    A heart-felt congratulation gift is sent to you on having a new child within 30 days of your registration via our website, to your registered address.

In times of illness

Always be by your side in time of illness.

  • Medical assistance on the phone
    We are always by your side in times of your illness. Night time services are available * in case you need advice and medical assistance. We can promptly coordinate with hospitals for emergency by professionals to ease your situation.
    * Night time services are available from 08.00 p.m. to 08.00 a.m.
  • Ambulance calling service 
    Our skillful team is on standby to call an ambulance to transport you or your beloved one in night-time emergency cases for immediate treatment no matter where you are.
    ** No charges for coordination. Please check for other expenses before accepting the service.
  • Allianz AyudhyaCare Network hospitals 
    Over 200 network hospitals located nationwide are ready to provide medical services wherever you need them. As an Allianz Ayudhya customer, all you need to do is show your id card or any government-issued card bearing your photograph.
  • Get-well soon message 
    A get-well-soon message is sent to you to show our care.
  • Get-well gift basket 
    A get-well gift basket is sent to you to represent our care when you are admitted as an in-patient in an Allianz AyudhyaCare Network hospital.
    *** Exclusively for Allianz Ayudhya Prestige Customer holding a health insurance policy with in-patient benefits.

In times of need

Always be by your side in times of need

  • Policy loans
    To ease your financial need for various purposes, be it for post-flood house repair, for your children’s tuition fees, or for additional business working capital, etc., as an Allianz Ayudhya customer, you are exclusively entitled to a low interest policy loan. Approval takes only two days after all required documents are received.
  • SMS alert for premium due
    An sms is sent to you to alert you of the premium due date to ensure your continued coverage.
  • Convenient payment
    No more worries about premium payments. You can choose from a variety of channels to pay a renewal premium. These include Counter Services, bank counters, ATM , credit cards, Direct Debit or all the company’s Service Centres located nationwide.

Always be by your side in an unfortunate event

  •  Death claim 
    We offer same-day death claim assessment if the beneficiary submits all required documents at Allianz Ayudhya Customer Care Centre on Floor 1 before 12.00 o’clock on Monday-Friday. 
    * Claim assessment is subject to policy conditions and conditions set forth by the company.
  • A wreath and a condolence letter
    In an unfortunate case of the policyholder’s departure, a wreath and a condolence letter are sent to the beneficiary. (Saturday-Sunday 09.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m., except public holidays)
    * For customers paying a premium of 300,000 Baht or more (excluding group insurance.)
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