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Allianz Ayudhya is determined to offer opportunities conducive to fostering a high performance culture in order to support staff competency improvement so that its employees can advance in their career path and improve their performance in accordance with the company’s policies.

The primary goals of the Human Resources and Organizational Development Department of Allianz Ayudhya are to promote career path advancement, work performance development, organizing and evaluating company training, and providing work opportunities, be it job rotation or international opportunities within the Allianz Group.

We are always supporting our staff to gain new experiences, both in the regional level and international level. Not only this, the company has an experienced and professional team of management, consisting of both Thais and non-Thais. This mix in culture has allowed us to constantly learn from one another, creating an enjoyable atmosphere and a unique working environment.

We have acquired a wide range of compensations and benefits for our employees, including

  • Health Insurance and Dental Coverage
  • Life and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Housing Loan, Car Loan and Personal Loan
  • Fitness Membership and Recreational Clubs
  • Monetary Grants by Occasions
  • Long Term Service Awards
  • Provident Fund
  • Company Product Discounts for Staff and Family Members
  • Local and Overseas Training
  • International Job Opportunities
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • An Informal and Appropriate Dress Code
  • Advices for Staff

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Life & Health Operations

Manager - Health Sales Executives

Job Summary

Initiate and execute sales strategy to drive sales force and generate sales productivity in particularly in health product on both individual and group EB.  Providing advice/ coaching to ensure the achievement of sales performance in driving the region targets.

In addition, responsible for all activities supporting sales performance of the region.

Moreover this position has to work closely with dedicated Sales Support team on market intelligent and competition & award management in order to drive and foster sales performance of all sales channels in achieving the target of company sales and provide suggestions for improvement opportunities, and creative solutions for specific programs and plans. Work closely with cross functional team

  • Generate strategic plan to drive sales force

  • Sales Force Relationship Management

  • On-field Management including training, communication and other activities

  • Advise GM/AVP/AL/agents to understand Health product or business

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Marketing or other related field

  • At least 5 years of experience in Agency Field Management, Agency Field Support, Sales force/client Relationship Management, Marketing, AE or other related fields in insurance or banking business

  • Strong knowledge in Health Insurance product would be plus

  • Good Sales management skill, Business acumen, Strategic & analytical thinking, Communication and well collaborative

  • Proficiency in English

Assistant Vice President - Health Data Management

Job Summary
  • Gather and analyze health data from multiple sources both internal and external (e.g. insurance system, clinical data, behavior) to extract trends and business insights
  • Jointly with business to define the business problem and using the analytics to develop the data model to effectively identify improvement at each stage of the insurance cycle, especially Claims
  • Responsible for operational data and reporting
  • Locate and define new process improvement opportunities
Key Responsibilities
  • Using Data mining techniques cluster and group loss characteristics to score, prioritize and assign claims to the most appropriate assessor based on experience and claims type.
  • Turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.
  • Participate in business meetings, identify key objective from stakeholders and translate objective to model measurement.
  • Communicate results with data story-telling skills to users, and follow through with execution and present results to senior management.
  • Suggest ways to both improve the process and reduce costs
  • Collaborate with management and internal teams to implement and evaluate improvements
  • Prepare monthly report of current high claim customers from all health products/all channels for further claim actions e.g. not renew, warning with recommendation method to improve these action processes more efficiency.
  • Coordinate with Data analytic team to create data lake/data warehouse for Claims
  • Support the other new project assignments especially relate to data management
Required experience and skill
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science
  • 5 to 7 years experiences in Data management / Analytics. Insurance knowledge would be the plus
  • Experience in visualization, statistic methodology, machine learning algorithm for discovering hidden behaviour and/or valuable pattern in huge
  • Experience working with projects that combines internal and external data (i.e. web, social media) is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and data management systems
  • Knowledge of Insurance Operations / Healthcare industry
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • English proficiency

Claim Relations Staff

Job Summary

mainly assigned to support Manager - Claims Relations in handling and solving the complaints from customers, sales channels and OIC.

This position will consolidate the support information and provide the summary documents to support the cases which are preceded into court.  Prepare and provide the Claim Relations monthly reports with accuracy and in timely manner.

Key Responsibilities

Complaints Management

  • Receive the complaints, and as a contact point between ACCC and VOC/ sales channels/ OIC in handling complaints
  • Receive the direct calls from customers/agent, provide the information regarding to claims and provide consultancy services to customers
  • Communicate with and visit OIC to explain the information requests and create the constructive relationship with OIC
  • Investigate and approve for the protest cases/ reconsideration, based on the authorization


  • Prepare and provide reports regarding to Claims Relations performance
  • Review and submit the reports to Claims Administration team with accuracy and in timely manner
Required experience and skill
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Nursing, Business of Sciences (Medical Technology), Law or other related field
  • Min 2 years of experience in Complaints Management, Claim Department, or other related fields in business or insurance industry
  • Knowledge of insurance industry and product
  • Have complaint management skill
  • Good relationship management skill

Staff to Supervisor - Fraud Claim

Key Responsibilities

Claim Quality Control

  • Could assess claim all service types  (Fax, Reimbursement, Hospital Assessment and Major & Death)
  • CFR and OFR of all claim services type by random checking and feedback result to team.
  • Best practice sharing in monthly meeting with team.
  • Prepare CFR and OFR monthly with KRI report.

Claim analysis

  • Prepare claim monthly report to management.
  • Find out the abnormal claim pattern in various dimensions e.g. identify utilization patterns, suspicious customers and agents.
  • Review abnormal claim cases especially high claim cases and coordination with team to take actions in claims part e.g. doing not renew process, issue warning letter to agent, closely observation etc.

Claim service process improvement

  • Scope, manage and analyze the operational processes in order to identify waste and ineffective steps.
  • Coordinate, deliver and promote the new process improvement to team.
  • Document and monitor new business process.

Claim Fraud detection

  • Ability to observe the abnormal claim pattern from the claim documents or the related parties (customer, agent, hospital, doctor)
  • Gather up all evidence and could analyze what case is the suspiciousness which need to do the further process.
  • Coordinate with team, investigator, and medical team to verify the facts.
  • Report result to management.


  • Handle adhoc projects and other duty as assignment.
Required experience and skill
  • Bachelor or higher degree in nursing science.  Or Bachelor of Science (Business Data Analytics)
  • Could assess all service claim cases, review claim quality, analyze and prepare claim report, improve claim service process, detect abnormal/suspicious claim case
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Good English skill.
  • Computer skill (word, excel, power point, access)

Country Transformation

Office of the President

Manager to Assistant Vice President - Internal Audit P&C

Job Summary

This position is responsible to perform internal audit on assigned audit projects or lead the internal auditor team to analyse business processes, procedures and activities with the goal of highlighting organizational problems or control weaknesses, identifying risks and providing recommendation to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

This position is also to assist management in evaluating internal control and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

Internal audit activities are geared towards helping the company to mitigate risks and ensuring compliance with the Company’s policies, Regional’s policies and related Regulatory Law.

Key Responsibilities
  • Audit planning processes
  • Audit Project process
  • Follow up Process
  • Consulting service & Special Request
  • Management of the Audit Committee (AC) Meeting 
  • Reporting to Group Audit
  • Coordination with Allianz Group Audit/External Auditors 
  • Other assignments
Qualifications / Skills / Experience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and related field
  • At least 5-8 years of experience in Internal Auditing from Insurance, Banking business or Audit Firm
  • Knowledge in Insurance industry is necessary
  • Very good in English communication and presentation skills
  • International work experience is preferred
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is preferable

Country Customer Management

Manager – Digital Tools and Content Management


1) Content Management

  • Content production - interview, editor, photo taking or VDO clip ( 2-3 contents / week )
  • Co-ordinate with training team for new schedule and update content on web
  • Upload VDO and content for e-learning section
  • Be moderator within web board, monitor topics within web board
  • Monitoring All Agent Website, Social network
  • Be contact support for Agency about their pages, content
  • Execute content and communication materials on agency web portal
  • Support to execute Agency web portal to in line with plan of sales contest, event and campaign
  • Create blog in "The Brain"
  • Plan to improve "The Brain" and Agency web portal to increase number of visitor and user

2) Create campaign to promote Agency web portal

  • Create campaign to promote Agency web portal to ensure more visitors and user
  • Promote and support Agency digital tools such as install mobile QE or e-mail on mobile

3) Provides the Brain performance reports

  • Summarize and report The Brain Performance by monthly to use for improvement

4) Implement and maintain digital project (Facebook)

  • Work with Sales Support team to get requirement from Agency Channel
  • Implement pilot project to test and get feedback from Agent
  • Train Agent to understand and use software
  • Update content and feed information to ensure all information are updated
Qualifications / Skills / Experience
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Sales Management, Sales Support & Operations, Digital Content or Social Media and other related field
  • Having experience form life insurance would be plus
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or other related field
  • Good understanding in Social Media and Content Management
  • Proficiency in Excel, Power Point
  • Good command in English

Assistant Manager – Digital Product Marketing & Online Analyst

Job Summary:

Responsible for online lead generation & analysis including;

  • Effective communication for online media - ad copy for FB and google search to gain quality leads that convert more
  • Media optimization monitoring with effective budget controlling
  • Online lead journey tracking and improve their experience to avoid dropping off
  • Online customer analysis that help setting the right target for each product and increase opportunity to upsell/cross sales
  • Provide monthly report on  no. of lead , lead distribution and  total ANP  for digital team
Key Responsibilities:

1. Online Lead generation

  • Provide best ad copy / key visual for online media
  • Able to use provided tools for lead generation & lead information
  • Work closely with media agency for the most effective online media optimization and budget controlling
  • Understand lead journey and improve their online experience
  • Track no. of lead, lead distribution with total ANP

2. Report & Analysis

  • Provide monthly report with analysis that help increase no. of lead and Total ANP

3. Insurance product knowledge

  • Study product key selling points that help on target setting and key message customization
Qualifications / Skills / Experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in Statistics, Math, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, ICT
  • Having 2 - 5 year working experience in e-commerce portal or online analysis
  • Proficient in Excel (Pivot table, V-lookup), Access and database knowledge
  • Online media understanding (CPA Model)
  • Able to use Google Analytics tracking tools and Facebook insight
  • Good command in English

Assistant Manager - Digital Solution & Platform Management

Job Summary

Responsible for All Digital Production & Development for owned media which comprising of consumer website, landing page for commercial campaign, customer portal and agency portal as end to end process.

Key Responsibilities
  • Working with regional and global team for Search Engine Optimization by using appropriated tools also working with content team to ensure content structure align with SEO structure.
  • Managing media platform management and digitalization roadmap projects such as Customer portal, Engagement portal, Social media for Sales, Campaign and mobile application.
  • Responsible to support all departments (CSR/CEM/Agency/PR/HR/Finance/Legal/Other Departments) for all online feature development to leverage online space e.g. media optimization, upload content, manage mini campaign, develop tools, etc.
Required experience and skill
  • 3 - 5 years of experience in Web programming, IT project management, Application development, Operation Support/Maintenance, UAT, System testing and Deployment
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Marketing, Communication, IT, Business Administration or other related fields
  • Extensive knowledge in any Content Management System (AEM would be plus) and understanding of Web service and API
  • Experience or familiar with system integration with LINE platform, Facebook Messenger (other Digital partners would be advantage)
  • Knowledge in .Net, Angular JS, SQL database and Adobe campaign would be plus
  • Passionate in data and customer insight (familiar with DMP would be plus)
  • Good command in English

Assistant Manager - Product Marketing

Key Responsibilities

1) Sales Materials Development (Non-agency channel e.g. Banca, Telesales, E-commerce, Group Business and others assignment)

  • Thoroughly understand the product features and target customer, and provide the draft of sales material content and outline.
  • Assist Line Manger to on sales material development, from end-to-end, to ensure that they will be delivered as agreed timeline.
  • Liaise with PDIT and the channel to ensure their review and agreement, and sign-off before delivery.
  • Liaise with partner such as BAY, to ensure their alignment/agreement on all sales materials.

2) Product Training (Non-agency channel e.g. Banca, Telesales, E-commerce, Group Business, others assignment)

  • Develop product training presentation and seek PDIT review to ensure correctness and alignment with regulations.
  • Provide product brief to ACCC and the trainer prior new product launch.

3) Product Communication and Promoting.

  • Assist line manager to provide Digital Marketing with recommended products, key target customer, key selling points.
  • Lead and prepare to promote a product in the various events such as Agency Kick Off event, AL seminar event etc. and summary the outcome from event.
Required experience and skill
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Actuarial Science, Business Administration or Finance
  • Minimum 3 Year of experience working in related field
  • Experience in Insurance company will be a plus
  • Have experience in develop marketing material both online and offline media.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Be able to handle multitasking and work under pressure

Supervisor – Customer Experience

Job Summary:

Supervisor Marketing of Customer Experience Management is assigned to handle all complaints received from both regulatory (OIC, OCPB, other Government Sectors etc.) and customers from all channels: phone, walk-in, online of both Life and Non-Life Business. This position assist line manager to work with related department to handle reputation risk case as well as , handle and coach PIC (person-in-charge) for building awareness and improving their complaint handling quality. This position provides the regular reports to related parties and management. This person has to acquire great interpersonal skill in handling all type of complaint and ensure each case finish with the service level agreement.

The role is also responsible for Satisfaction Survey of the customer and / or distribution at each touch point. The person reviews the survey result that measured the satisfaction score and work closely with the touch point owner to define the action plan and continue measure its result. The person needs to reflect the frequent complaint with the touch point owner to help finding the long term solution that might involve other cross function in getting the new improvement process. 

This position manages and controls detail of the execution, monitor and review the feedback, report and improve the process for better serve the customers. The number of touch point needs to be identified in each year and key touch point required monthly monitor. Therefore, collaboration with touch point function is the key to success in improving the process. This position produces report for reviewing with top management 

This Position also responsible for support Operation Division activities related to creating the great experience for customer and / or reducing the customer pain point in core customer Journeys: Sales and onboarding, Renewal, Claim and Issue Resolution. The person has to understand the objective and help line manager to create the project plan, initiate and implement the activities by co-work with Operation staff.  This person also help line manager following up the project progression and monitoring the project result as well as propose the developing plan for improving result. This position has to acquire the leadership and interpersonal skill in working with staff in various levels.  

This position executes and monitors the system of customer satisfaction tools, Complaint Handing and other functions related to scope of jobs and also assigns to assist line manager take care other projects (if any)

Key Responsibilities:

Complaint Management

  • Support to handle the complaints from OIC and customers through the available channels, according to the assignment
  • Ensure that all staffs understand how to handle customer complaint though the person is not directly responsible for.
  • Ensure that all complaints are captured in voice of customer system (VOC) to allow status update for all parties concerns
  • Ensure all complaints are closed according to the service level agreement  (SLA)
  • Work with cross function to solve the pending issues to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Provide guidance, coaching and suggestion to team in handling the complain cases receives from OIC and customers
  • Build Awareness of Person-In-Charge community to encourage higher participation and higher rate of staff engagement
  • Continue to engage PICs and make the meeting relevant and impact to the PICs
  • Discuss with Department head to reduce the frequent Complaint issue.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Bottom-up NPS (Calling Survey)
    • Support team to follow up the list of sampling group of customers from touch points owners
    • Implement the call to customers, collect and record the results and provide the report and perform the second call (if required)
    • Support team to monthly monitor core touch points: claim/U&I and POS, gaining feedback from the customers and run the work shop with related department to reduce detractors and increase promoters.
    • Support team to monitor non core touch points according to the timeline set and feedback the response to the touch point owner for further improvement if any.
    • Evaluate the correction made and its result of each touch point especially core touch points
    • Monitor and give suggestion regarding NPS questions (if required).
  • Bottom-up NPS (Realtime Survey)
    • Recommend team to change from Calling methodology to Real time online survey
    • Support team to create the questionnaire suit for Online Methodology.
    • Support team to monthly monitor result ans discuss with related department to reduce detractors and increase promoters.
    • Support team to create action plan to increase the number of sample size.

Operation Support

  • Receiving brief from cross function on the project
  • Organize and coordinate with all related project in order to drive Allianz Ayudhya becoming True Customer Centricity.            
  • Propose the initiative and recommendation to align with the cross function before launching the project
  • Continue monitor the result during the implementation
  • Perform analysis and evaluate the project launched to continue what worked and correct what didn’t work as well as propose the idea and action to improve the result
Required experience and skill:
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or related filed
  • At least 3 years of experience in Marketing, Customer services and /or marketing research in insurance, consumer, or banking business
  • Have a customer satisfaction survey or research
  • Good Complaint Handling, Communication and negotiation Skill

Product Provider

Manager – Product Management

  • Understand, align and follow the product strategy by channel
  • Coordinate with Product Implementation Team (PDIT) to deliver the product development for all channels according to the set timeline.
  • Work closely with line manager to update product status and report key issues and recommendation.
  • Work together with other divisions/departments to ensure the alignment and approval before product launch.
  • Review and provide suggestion (if any) sales material / training slides / all communication about the product features.
  • Support the product team in preparing and work in detail for QE readiness in launching the product for each channel.
  • Identify key issues and recommendation to line manager in case the set timeline cannot be achieved.
  • Manage resources for sales illustration tools development, Excel Tool, Quote Express, Mobile Quote Express
  • Ensure all stakeholders are updated and aware about the detail of product launch and the changes along the way
  • Review the material about the product features to customers and suggest on the features to be highlight to increase productivity.
Qualifications / Skills / Experience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Actuarial Science, Statistics, Economics, Management, Marketing,
  • Business Administration, Information System Management or related field.
  • At least 4 Years of direct experience in Sales/ Marketing in insurance or banking business.
  • Analytical and strategic thinking skills
  • Leadership and project management skills
  • Project management, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Good English communication

Assistant Vice President - Product Actuarial

Job Summary

This position defines in general as supporting role and deputy for the team leader of product actuarial team in various key responsibilities similar to the team leader.

In addition, this position is expected to support the team to ensure accuracy and timeliness in developing actuarial models, performing technical pricing to ensure profitable growth, competitiveness and alignment with regulations and Group/Regional standards, performing experience analyses of key pricing assumptions and providing actuarial analyses / pricing / product development support to other departments.

In addition, this person will be assigned to be the key person for OIC compliance and relationship for the Pricing Team to ensure overall accuracy and appropriateness.

Key Responsibilities

1) Strategic Actuarial Pricing Management

  • Support the strategy and policy of Actuarial Pricing Management defined for new products and existing products for the assigned channels
  • Apply standard best practice and actuarial guidelines
  • Propose actuarial decisions with sound principles and technical excellence

2) Product Development

  • Develop actuarial models to calculate premium rates, and other policy values of the product
  • Support product design for assigned channels and review product features with consideration to risks, profitability and regulations
  • Develop actuarial models to perform profit testing of products
  • Provide risk assessment of the product and provide advice on risk mitigation
  • Review policy contract provision to ensure alignment with product design
  • Ensure the alignment of products with group standards and local regulations
  • Prepare product-related documents, answer and discuss to support filing of the product to regional office and local regulator (OIC) for approval
  • To proactively participate in the Product Development Implementation Team to discuss and provide comments on product development issues
  • Ensure accuracy of pricing-related information in product specifications, prepare information for setting up new products and modifications of existing products, perform User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Provide support on product proposals to business partners e.g. sales compensation determination to ensure competitiveness and profitability measures are met
  • Review pricing related information presented in sales and marketing materials
    Provide guidance and development of junior staff and managers

3) Experience Analysis

  • To perform analyses of key statistics for pricing purpose e.g. claims, mortality and persistency

4) Support Other Functions

  • To provide accurate and timely support to other functions e.g. day to day operation issues, complaints handling, communicate technical information to internal and external customers in non-technical terms

5) OIC related matters

  • To act as the key person for overall OIC compliance and relationship management for the pricing team
  • To ensure fillings are done accurately and appropriate
Required experience and skills
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Actuarial Sciences, Statistics, Mathematics or related field
  • At least 8 years of experience in Actuarial Pricing and/ or Product Development in insurance or banking business
  • Have a Mathematics, Statistics or Actuarial Sciences knowledge
  • Actuarial pricing management skills are required
  • Strongly in project management, interpersonal, negotiation, quantitative and analytical thinking skills
    Fluent business English presentation is a must

Country Information Technology

Assistant Vice President – Core Platform Service

Required qualifications
  • Professional experience (8 years) in Application Design and Development, Application Maintenance and Support, or other related field in Insurance
  • Deep understanding on Application Architecture and website/application security
  • Project Management / Agile methodology, Vender/Outsource management, team (developer) management
  • Pro-active, persistent, flexibility, analytical, collaborative and leadership skills are preferred
  • Well English communication
Programming language /Technology
HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, J2SE, J2EE, Servlet, SOAP, RESTFul, Spring Boot, Oracle Form, Oracle Report, PL/SQL, SQL command
Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, MySQL
Application/Web Server
Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, OHS, IIS
Programming Tools
Eclipse, Websphere studio, Oracle Developer Suite, Oracle JDeveloper
DevOps Tools/Technology
Docker , Kubernetes , Ansible, Jenkins , ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana), Prometheus, Nagios, Microservice architectures, Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Event based (RabbitMQ)

Manager - Assistant Vice President - Product Owner

Key Responsibilities
  • Lead end-to-end digital project development from business stakeholder management to IT agile implementation
  • Conceptualize ideas, plan, breakdown complex business problems and produce digital solutions
  • Define what needs to be build and constantly engage business and IT
  • Get involved in UI/UX design, go-to-market launches when needed
  • Communicate to the SCRUM team what needs to be build
  • Prioritize product backlog and features
  • Ensure project meets timelines, manage risks and communicate upwards/downwards
  • Work in a multi-stream environment and continuously engage with other Product Managers, Products Owners, Architects to make sure the overall digital strategy fits into the business vision
Required Experience
  • University degree, Business Analysis, IT, Computer Science/Engineering
  • Experience in Agile Methodology or Business to IT translation is a strong advantage
  • Previous experience in Insurance, Fintech, Start-up is an advantage
  • Ability to work in a multi-culture environment, dealing and communicating with stakeholders from other countries on a daily basis, within a core team of various nationalities
  • Technical experience is an added advantage but not compulsory

Assistant Manager to Manager - IT Compliance

Job Summary

Provides expertise in IT solution design according to business needs, plan set by IT project steering committee and by global IT standards and references.

This position is responsible for coordinating across Business Analyst team, Users and System Developers to ensure the synchronization across projects and resources as well as is to assist project owner to ensure that the solution will provide a long term value to the business. As an architect the main goal is helping design IT solution, which are maintainable, extendable, reusable & cost saving over a long time period.

Also the SA is a technical coach to the delivery teams, helps kick start and set up IT projects, does Proto Types (and helps developing on critical features) and constantly provides & implements best practices to increase the delivery value (time2market, quality, costs).

Key responsibilities
  • Define and enable the Companies specific action plans to attain and maintain compliance to minimum requirements, IT and security policies, standards and Operation Entities (OE) specific requirements
  • Advise the ISO in all IT compliance related issues, regularly report about the IT compliance status to the ISO
  • Communicate applicable corporate rules relevant to IT Compliance in coordination with the ISO and Information Security team
  • Coordinate, manage, and support all compliance activities including but not limited to Internal Audit, External audit, Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), Risk Control Self-Assessment and follow-up the remediation of findings
  • Liaise with and report to the ISO and collaborate with Information Security team
  • Prepare ISO the IT Compliance Report for Policy and Standard for IT
  • Design, develop, implement, and maintain IT and Information Security procedures, standards, practice and processes, compliance requirements and controls
  • Supervise and/or organize entire activities of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • In respect to these responsibilities the IT compliance team must have a local reporting line (e.g. by regular information meetings, reports) to the ISO
  • Bachelor degree or above in computer or IT related field or equivalent
  • Good English communication skills are required
  • Experience in the IT Compliance role for 3-5 years
  • Knowledgeable of governance, risk and compliance systems and how to design a GRC frame work.
  • Knowledge and experience conducting IT compliance and assessments and building security programs/process
  • Prior experience working with COBIT5 or ISO27001 preferred
  • CGEIT (Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT) / ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) / Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is required
  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) / CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) are optional

Manager - Information Security

Job Summary

GISF (Group Information Security Framework) and the Company specific information security requirements are fulfilled; especially by governing the implementation of the GISF and monitoring and reviewing the resulting processes and mechanisms.

Key Responsibilities
  • Define and enable the Companies specific action plans to attain and maintain compliance to minimum requirements, security standards and Operation Entities (OE) specific requirements
  • Advise the ISO in all information security related issues, regularly report about the information security status to the ISO
  • Govern investigations of information security incidents and escalate to the Group Information Security Officer based on incident severity
  • Immediately escalate to ISO identified breach of the requirements from the GISF
  • Liaise with and report to the ISO and communicate applicable corporate rules relevant to Information
  • Security in coordination with the ISO
  • Prepare the Compliance Report for GISF for the ISO
  • Ensure that security Service Level Agreements including controls are defined and monitored for used IT services or IT services provided to other related Company
Required qualifications
  • CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) is a must
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is optional
  • Good English communication and logical skill are required

Senior IT Developer

Job Summary

All application development and application maintenance activities related to the development of new functionalities, minor adjustments, errors corrections in existing applications and/or development of new applications, including; studies, concepts, realization, testing and release of updates for host, client server based applications, web applications etc.

This position is to ensure that all the projects are delivered on time and meet the user requirements and business needs.

Key Responsibilities
  • Strategic Management (for the system assigned):
              - Assist Department Head in establishment goals, objectives, strategies, policies, procedures, and work standards for the Application Development & Maintenance Department by planning directing and managing the activities and services of the department
  • Resources & Team Management:
              - Assist Department Head to determine resource status and needs, deploy of resources to point of need, coordinate sourcing and outplacement to ensure organizational goals are met
              - Lead application developers (Sr. System Analyst/ System Analyst) to produce quality deliverables in application development as business needs
  • Project Management:
              - Act as project manager to lead the project and application developers (Sr. System Analyst/ System Analyst) to deliver the projects
              - Gather user requirements and develop software applications are to provide a best solution according to business needs  
              - Provide and run software testing (e.g. Unit testing, System integration testing, UAT)
              - Control and monitor project progress to deliver the project within budget and time frame of the teams
              - Handle maintenance work and provide production support after project go live
              - Encourage teamwork and cooperation within the department as well as inter-departmental teams in order to work collaboratively and effectively among teams
    Facilitate meetings and discussions between the teams and the AZAY system users if needed
  • Consultancy Services
              - Ensure the application developers (Sr. System Analyst/System Analyst) are complied with standard and procedure
              - Be a consultant for application developers and users/customers to solve problems & provide solutions
  • Vender Management
              - Assist Department Head to research and make recommendations on software products and services in support of procurement and development efforts
              - Identify vendors of software applications that meet specified requirements and arranging favourable terms for procurement of selected software applications
              - Build and maintain strategic relationships with venders and evaluating and ensuring the quality of them
  • Financial, Budgeting and Expenses Control
              - Assist Department Head to control the financial resources required to implement information technology projects/programs utilizing financial and budgeting concepts, principles and practices; use cost-benefit thinking to formulate and monitor expenses
              - Assist Department Head to plan departmental budget including forecast the need for additional expenses for staff, equipment, materials and supplies; monitoring and approving expenditures and analysing departmental financial status
Required experience and skills
  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Management Information System, Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Computer or other related field
  • At least 5 years’ experience in Application Design and Development, Application Maintenance and Support, or other related field in Insurance or Bank industry
  • Application Development & Maintenance skills (JAVA (J2SE,J2EE), XML, HTML, PL/SQL, Oracle (Database, Forms, Reports))
  • Understanding of Insurance Business and information technology.
  • Solid overall IT expertise covering software and hardware across all dimensions of insurance business.
  • Have a program and project management skills (Agile methodology is preferred)
  • Good Service Delivery and Quality Management skills

Country Direct Marketing

Manager – Direct Marketing Training and Development

Key Responsibilities

1) Training Course Design

  • Have the overall responsibility for DM Training & Development team under own responsibility (Telesales & FTF)
  • Define the overall training plan and activities for DM Training & Development team
  • Work together and partner with relevant parties (e.g. Direct Marketing) to perform sales training needs analysis, design new sales training courses and review the existing training programs to improve the quality and performance of training programs
  • Proactively seek feedback on the existing training course and curriculum, define the opportunities for improvement, provide recommendations related to sales training programs (e.g. leveraging the existing learning resources, improving material support or other self-paced curriculum)
  • Lead and manage the team in developing the training roadmap of different groups of audiences

2) Training Development

  • Lead and manage team in developing the professional training materials for different groups of audiences based on the training design
  • Review the accuracy and completeness of training contents, and ensure that the content supports the training objectives defined
  • Track and monitor to ensure that all training materials and tools are aligned with Corporate Brand Identity (CI) and are user-friendly
  • Track and monitor to ensure that all training development activities are performed in an accurate and timely manner

3) Training Delivery

  • Lead and manage team in conducting training and development programs for target audiences in DM Channel, according to the training schedule
  • Track and monitor to ensure that training and development programs are delivered with quality according to plan
  • Review the training evaluation reports, define the areas of improvement, and provide the suggestions/ solutions
  • Drive for continuous improvement and enhance the quality of training and development programs for the purpose of driving sales performance
Qualifications / Skills / Experience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Training and Development
  • 3-5 years+ of experience in Sales Training and Development, Sales/ Distribution, Sales Support,
  • Sales Communications, or other related fields in the banking or insurance industries
  • Good communication, Negotiation and Presentation Skills
  • Knowledge in Training Management
  • Direct experience in Telesales Training (for Supervisor or TSR) from Insurance would be plus


Manager - Full Time Agent Development (Northeast) 

Key Responsibilities
  • Provide input to define and manage the overall training strategy and approach for Agency training and development programs with the aim to achieve high sales performance from Agency channels
  • Provide and deliver training and development programs for Agency in alignment with the company’s strategy and approach
  • Have the overall responsibility for the Agency Training and Development team under own responsibility
  • Define the overall training plan and activities for Agency Training and Development team
  • Work together and partner with the relevant parties (e.g. Agency, Direct Marketing, bank partners) to perform sales training needs analysis, design new sales training courses and review the existing training programs to improve the quality and performance of training programs
  • Proactively seek feedback on the existing training course and curriculum, define any opportunities for improvement, provide recommendations related to sales training program (e.g. leveraging the existing learning resources, improving material support or other self-paced curriculum)
  • Lead and manage team in developing the training road map of different groups of audiences
  • Have the overall responsibility for Training Development activities for the Agency Training and Development team under own responsibility - Lead and manage team in developing the professional training materials for different groups of audiences, based on training design
  • Review the accuracy and completeness of training contents, and ensure that the contents support the training objectives defined
  • Track and monitor to ensure that all training materials and tools are aligned with Corporate Brand Identity (CI) and are user-friendly
  • Track and monitor to ensure that all training development activities are performed in an accurate and timely manner
  • Undertakes other projects assigned by the head of dept
  • Lead and manage team in conducting training and development programs for target audiences in Agency group, according to the training schedule
  • Track and monitor to ensure that training and development programs are delivered with quality according to plan
  • Review the training evaluation reports, define any areas for improvement, and provide suggestions / solutions
  • Drive for continuous improvement and enhancement of the quality of training and development programs with the aim of driving sales performance
  • Partner with the relevant parties to ensure the continuous improvement of training and development programs with the goal of driving sales performance
  • Provide advice and coaching for team to handle training evaluation in order to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of all training activities (e.g. training evaluations, training tests and participation rates)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Training and Development, or other related field

  • At least 5 years of experience in Sales Training and Development, Training Management, Sales/ Distribution, Sales Support, Sales Communications, and other related field in bank or insurance industry

  • Strong training, coaching and facilitation skills

  • Good planning and organizational skills

Assistant Vice President – Agency Project Management (Tactical)

Key Responsibilities

To initiate and manage tactical projects to drive ANP and NBV of Agency including Unit-linked product innovation e.g. Private fund license, UDR and other Digital sales tool project

  • Responsible to develop UL business covering all factors e.g. Sales tools, Fund tools, Product development e.g. New UL and UDR

          - Being a key person from Agency to ensure development process and match with customer preference

          - Conduct market research / feedback from field for best customer journey and sales touchpoints

          - Involving Compliance and Legal for Regulatory alignment and good governance, e.g. eKYC, Data privacy disclaimer and Vulnerable customers

          - Responsible to develop Fund introduction process, including private fund license application for business opportunity, implementation of AGI fund or other fund

          - Responsible to develop after-sales process of UL business both operational process and digital tools e.g. My Allianz - UL performance, POS and call center process for customer inquiries

  • Responsible to develop training roadmap for IC license to ensure knowledge of UL product and fund management for quality business

          - Communication plan and content (Online and Offline)

          - Fund management for Unit-linked

          - Regularly Update fund performance as information for IC license

  • Responsible as COE Project manager (Center of Excellence) – Sales Support Regional project to develop digital tools to support Agency e.g. Digital On-boarding, Dashboard on mobile by coordination with Oes and ensure successful implementation
Qualifications and Skills
  • Bachelor degree in any field
  • Min. 5 years’ experience for working as sales strategy with international company such as life insurance
  • Certified IC license or any financial certified
  • Good business English communication
  • Familiar with UL insurance product project management, digital product, sales campaign and upselling.

Legal & Compliance

Country Finance

Manager – Financial Reporting

Job Summary

Financial Reporting Manager defines the direction, provides guideline, timeline and monitoring for the company. This position conducts project /workshop/meeting sessions with the representativesof all divisions/ departments in all aspect under accounting and reporting team (e.g. Budget/ Accounting standard/ Group guidance)

Key responsibilities

1) Financial Reporting

  • Statutory Financial Statement Report, submit to all relevant parties (e.g. external auditors, OIC, Revenue Department and internal departments)
  • Monthly and Annual Report for OIC and other regulators
  • Management Report (e.g. profit/ loss report, cost center report)
  • Reports for Group / Regional company e.g. monthly report, UOP report, OTP report)

2) Budget Planning

  • Prepare annual budget planning report, and seek for approval from the authorized persons
  • Track and monitor to ensure the alignment between the payment and the approved budget
  • Manage and coordinate with the representatives of all divisions/ departments for revising the budget at mid-year budget transfer during the year

3) Tax

  • Gather relevant information and calculate corporate income tax
  • Responsible for checking the rule with tax consultant

4) Project handling

  • Be project leader and lead on Accounting & Finance process improvement or improve efficiency projects
Required experience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Accounting, Audit, Financial, Financial Information Management or related field
  • At least 5 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, preferably in insurance or banking business
  • Know, experience or dealing with IFRS17
  • Familiar in SAP – FI module (reporting) is advantage
  • Very good in English communication and Project Management

Manager - Risk Management P&C

Job Summary

The position provides strong support and advises the team members and all relevant parties for day-to-day risk management activities, in alignment with company’s risk management strategy and policy. This position provides advice and support to the team in performing risk management process as specified in the risk policy and other relevant guidelines, including risk measurement, assessment and reporting. This includes ensuring that own tasks/ assignments are delivered with accuracy and in timely manner. In addition, this position provides support to CRO and to Risk Management Committee meetings and follow-up analysis on the risk related issues

Key responsibilities

Governance and Communication Management 

  • Maintaining and enhancing risk management-related policies is in accordance to local regulator & Group framework/standards.
  • Ensure business risk taking activities are within company risk appetite.
  • Work closely with TLAA/TGIA risk management committee to represent company’s interest.
  • Provide support to Chief Risk Officer in preparing and arranging RiCO meeting.
  • Initiate the agenda and prepare RiCO meeting.
  • Ensure the readiness of RiCO meeting.
  • Report and provide the status update on RiCO meeting to the relevant parties.
  • Prepare Audit Committee and Board of Director paper.
  • Provide information and consultation with all employees on risk management issues
  • Support CRO in risk management committee meeting and follow-up analysis on the risk related issues
  • Promote and facilitate risk culture/awareness in the company.
  • Prepare and maintain training materials is up to date and relevant to the company. 

Identify and Assessment

  • Design, develop and enhance the tools and methods for quantitative and qualitative risk measurement/ assessment for the area of expertise.
  • Identify the potential risks and the appropriate measures that are to be taken to manage the risks
  • Measure, analyze and evaluate the risks to ensure the alignment with company’s risk management strategy, by using the particular quantitative and qualitative tools and methods, based on assignment
  • Provide and share the risk assessment results with the relevant parties, expressing the risks and impacts 

          - Asset Risk Assessment: market/ALM risk, and credit risk
          - Liability Risk Assessment: new product and the existing product (NBM, claim ratio, Retail risk)
          - Operational Risk Assessment: TRA, RCA, IRCS and Operational Risk event capture

  • Work together with management and relevant departments to define the actions to prevent and eliminate risks.
  • Coordinate with Group Operation department regarding the terrorism coverage of Group EB contract.

Monitoring and Reports

  • Provide the risk management-related reports, based on the areas of expertise and according to the assignment
  • Track and monitor to ensure that all team members can provide risk management reports to all relevant parties with accuracy and in timely manner.
  • Review and ensure that the end-to-end process of quarterly reporting on internal model risk capital calculation and analysis is performed correctly. This includes input preparation, data reconciliation, result interpretation and analysis
  • Monitor and review business activities to ensure that all activities are in compliance with regulations, internal policy and appetite.
  • Prepare OIC report such as ERM/ORSA report, stress test report

Required experience

  • Bachelor degree in Actuarial, Finance, Economic, Risk Management, Business Administration or related field
  • Min. 5 years’ experience in risk management from insurance or banking industry
  • Lead and perform, complete, and manage his/her tasks timely and with quality
  • Liaison and communicate effectively with colleagues with other department on advanced risk topics.
  • Able to propose solution and ideas to CRO on risk management issues.
  • Intermediate awareness and understanding of risk related topic within him/her area of responsibility.
  • Excellent in business English communication

Assistant Vice President – Project Leader (IFRS17)

Job Summary

The scope of work will focus on supporting the IFRS project heads from Finance/Accounting function on the company-wide implementation of the IFRS 9 and IFRS 17 project as follows:

  • Coordinate interdependence of IFRS project, new Chart of Accounts under SAP project and under regional actuarial modeling platform development.
  • Interface and coordinate with Munich Head Office, Allianz SE Singapore Branch, Regional Centre of
  • Competence (CoC), Local Steering Committee, and External Parties.
  • Develop local guidance and translate IFRS into requirements for different work-streams.
  • Working closely with local IFRS Project member, to deliver project tasks within agreed project timeline and scope.
  • Provide recommendation on different categories of contracts that needs to be identified and the relevant features/ characteristics that define each category and the measurement method for each category under IFRS 17.
  • Identify the new data fields required to perform measurement under IFRS 17 including determination of assumptions, risk adjustment calculation and CSM. 
  • Work alongside IT work-stream to obtain data required for valuation, accounting, management reporting.
  • Review and validate the actuarial model developed by the Regional CoC team for its suitability with local products and requirements; determine changes required to localise the model, implement and document those changes.
  • Determine the processes and procedures required to perform the assessments and initial calculations at initial recognition and also on subsequent changes as required by IFRS17.
  • Provide overall view of the IFRS 17/9 impact/changes to the financials i.e. balance sheet and profit and loss statement and help to prepare communication to senior management
  • Co-chair regular and ad-hoc steering committees with IFRS project heads.
  • Bachelor Degree or above
  • Major in : Actuarial or Accounting
  • 5 years’ experience
  • Actuarial Associated or CPA
  • Experience in Insurance Business IFRS17/9 knowledge & understanding is advantage
  • Experience in Project Management Handling
  • Financial Report and Analyze

Bancassurance and Group Business

Supervisor – Group Business Sales (Group Direct Channel – Renewal)

Job Summary
  • Communicates and visit broker to provide the information and consultation with clients about employee benefits to achieve sales target.
  • Coordinates with the relevant parties to meet client satisfaction.
  • Promote new service or product, review invoice and commission statement to ensure that there are no mistake.
  • Train and coach new or junior staff to be a performing Sales Executives.
  • Propose new initiative to improve work process and share work experience to team.
    Arrange meeting with client by themselves and do the proactive work to strengthen relationship with client.
Key Responsibilities

New Business Sales Management

  • Provide information and consultation with clients about employee benefits
  • Approach target client directly to ensure sales performance
  • Continually communicate with and visit clients
  • Perform analysis and comparison, and present the good advantage of using company product to clients
  • Analyze and provide the weekly sales reports with accuracy and timeliness
  • Define and raise the outstanding issues/ problems to the relevant parties
  • Provide suggestions and initiatives to solve the issues/ problems in order to increase sales performance

Coordination with Internal Network

  • Follow up the outstanding routines from Group Operations and Claims
  • Contact with Accounting for issuing receipts
  • Contact with the other relevant departments to meet client satisfaction
Required experience
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Economics, or other related field
  • 5 years’ experience in Group Employee Benefits business in Life Assurance or Broker
  • Group employee benefit knowledge
  • Good negotiation and presentation skill
  • Good command in English

Assistant Vice President – Bancassurance Strategic & Planning

Job Summary

This position has to cooperate with Sales and Marketing team to identify, strategize to expand market as well as initiate sales contest and/or campaign until implementation. This position also has to marketing campaign and control budget to ensure effective business advancement, alignment of company and bank partner direction. Manager Bancassurance Strategic and Planning must be able to maintain relationship with all teams.

Key responsibilities
  • Sale Force Development
    • Support AVP strategic and planning to create new training platform like a FA-PRIME but we called "BA-PRIME"
    • Sale Force Leadership development to gain sales production and motivate team (Coaching, Consult skill)
    • Sales Activity Analysis (Monitor, Tracking sales activity and advise new effective activity to drive more sale volume)
  • Business Development Project Management
    • Manage and plan resources and associated budget for business development projects such as Mystery Shopping, Focused Group Study, Market Benchmark, etc. to ensure business support towards the company and bank partner directions
    • Collaborate with relevant department i.e. Marketing, Channel Support, Finance, IT, Ops mgmt. to deliver the projects that require internal supports
  • Sales & Marketing Budget Management
    • Collaborate with Marketing, Finance & Accounting departments in planning the budget, monitoring and controlling the spending to ensure effective usage of the budget
    • Act as the key interface with bank partner for planning and updating the spending


  • 6-8 years’ experience in Financial Products Distribution and Sales with at least 5 years in Insurance Sales
  • At least 5 years’ experience in Bancassurance
  • 5+ years of managerial experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant technical/ quantitative fields with relevant work experience
  • Master’s degree in relevant technical or quantitative fields (e.g., Mathematics, Finance, Business, Physics, Statistics, Operations Research and Economics), is a plus.
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