Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Allianz Group

อลิอันซ์ อยุธยา Allianz Ayudhya - 125-anniversary

2015 is regarding as the special occasion for Allianz group, the major shareholder of Allianz Ayudhya Assurance PCL, to celebrate its long 125 years history. Different activities will be arranged to ensure the social sustainability in over 20 countries globally where Allianz will share its valuable experiences, in-house expertise, and knowledge built in the past 125 years back to the society under the global motto “Protecting Future”

  • Platforms to discuss and share ideas addressing the adverse impact of two megatrends: Environmental Change and Demographic Change, especially under the light of aging society
  • Charity events for the Allianz Community in Allianz stadiums worldwide include London, Munich, Niece, Sao Paulo and Sydney.
  • Financial support for the Allianz foundations to promote projects in the field of education and the environment
  • Awarding a total of 125 scholarships for management studies at the leading European school

It’s no surprise that the stability, the financial strength and 125 years of experience has made Allianz group as one of the world’s biggest financial services provider. Currently, Allianz has been chosen as a trusted partner serving over 83 million customers in 70 countries globally as we are ready to protect and be there for every rhythm of your life…

อลิอันซ์ อยุธยา Allianz Ayudhya - bns-registered