Staff - Compensation and contest Management

Location :
Bangkok, Thailand

Job Responsibilities
  • Manually record the additional incomes and liabilities, received from other departments, into IRS.
  • Prepare and generate vouchers, generate bank files, seek approval for authorized persons, according to payment authority, and submit the approved vouchers to Treasury & Cash Management Department and Payment Team to perform payment.
  • Submit tax file by uploading to Revenue Department system and providing to Treasury & Cash Management Department and Payment Team to perform payment.
  • Receive the commission payment request form, and verify with the record in the system whether the agency lead has resigned from the company for +3 months or not.
  • Support team in collecting information, providing monthly reports and performing account reconciliation with accuracy and in timely manner.
  • Coordinate with the relevant departments in case of data error / mistake / information differences.
  • Collecting the income and taxes information from various sources and review and reconcile tax expense which calculated by IRS.

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, or other related fields.
  • 0 to 3 years of experience in Commission & PB Payment, Compensation Management, Finance and Accounting, or other related fields in insurance or banking business.
  • Financial and accounting skill.
  • Statistic and mathematic skill.
  • Knowledge of taxation.
  • Coordination and communication skill.
  • Tracking and monitoring skill.

  • Staff to Supervisor, Corporate Materials Design (Graphic Design)
    Job Accountabilities
    • Understand the objective of the assigned task and deliver according to the agreed timeline.
    • Design and develop communication material for the company and agency channels (e.g. Artwork Design) in timely manner, and in alignment with strategy and objective.
    • Provide support and assistance to team in developing and designing communication material design/ in-house studio.
    • Receive feedback from other departments, define the improvement areas and solutions.
    • Work closely with other departments to understand and get requests/ requirements for event supports.
    • Manage the priorities of the requests/ requirements received.
    • Provide guidance, coaching and support team in preparing media and equipment of event supports in Timely manner.
    • Receive feedback from other departments, define the improvement areas and solutions.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Journalism, Communication Art, Management.
    • 2 to 3 years of experience in Graphic and Multimedia Design, Internet Marketing, Internal/ designing and developing communication material that support.
    • Photography & VDO graphic skill
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Affect skill
    • Analytical Thinking skill
    • Creativity skill

    Supervisor, Online Analyst
    Job Accountabilities
    Responsible for online lead & total online analyst
    • to understand lead nature from each media channels and message target to each channel in order
    • to find the most effective solution for media investment.
    • follow up online lead which allocate to each channels for close selling and finding solution to make
    • leads convert more as sales.
    • also create digital team monthly report to cover all paid owned earn media for awareness
    • perspective and performance perspective.
    Lead Analyst
    • extract information from provided tools weekly basis.
    • do analyst by channel by page for finding.
    • meeting with media team for media optimization weekly.
    Online report
    • generate online report as monthly basis.
    • create online funnel from awareness to action.
    Lead follow up
    • follow with related parties on leads distribution.
    • research room for improvement & solution for effective conversion.
    • Bachelor's Degree in Statistics, Math, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, ICT.
    • Having 2 - 5 year working experience in e-commerce portal or online analysis.
    • Proficient in Excel (Pivot table, Vlookup), Access and database knowledge
    • Online media understanding (CPA Model)
    • Able to use Google Analytics tracking tools and facebook insight
    • Good command in English

    Vice President, Business Process & Quality Management
    Job Accountabilities
    • Provide the policies, processes and procedures regarding to performance management & quality management for Operations Division.
    • Partner with other departments in Operations to define and manage quality standard, SLAs and productivity.
    • Provide advice and coaching to team to design and provide the templates and tools in tracking and monitoring information regarding to Operations performance and capability.
    • Provide advice and coaching to team in performing analysis on Operations performance and productivity against the KPIs targets.
    • Lead and manage team to identify the problems/ issues, and work together with the relevant parties in order to define the root causes and provide the suggestions for improvement.
    • Review and ensure that the performance reports are provided to management team, Allianz Asia Pacific and other relevant parties with accuracy and in timely manner.
    • Drive and ensure OPEX process improvement and excellence among all divisions and departments within the company.
    • Collect the information, perform analysis and provide the business cases of projects under Operations Division.
    • Track and monitor the project performance of Operations, based on the business cases, timeline and budget.
    • Manage and lead team in performing analysis on business impacts from different business continuity cases.
    • Act as Business Continuity Management officer to handle Business Continuity Management plan and represent crisis management team during the crisis.
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Management Information System, Statistics or related field.
    • At least 8 years’ experience in Business Improvement Process, Project Management, Business Continuity Planning and Management, or other related fields.
    • Performance measurement and management skill
    • Knowledge on quality concept such as 6 sigma
    • Business Improvement & Business solutions development skills
    • Knowledge of Insurance Operations
    • Communication & Interpersonal skills
    • Good command in English

    Assistant Manager, Senior Oracle Developer
    Job Accountabilities
    • Develop application subsystems based on provided design specifications
    • Responsible for the module/Change Request assigned till deployment
    • Investigate issues, problems and recommend proper resolutions
    • Responsible for the preparation of system documents
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or IT-related field
    • At least 3 year experience in Oracle Development using Oracle Database 9i/10g/11g
    • Proficiency in PL/SQL programming Oracle Internet Developer Suite (Forms, Reports) 9i/10g/11g
    • Knowledge of Java, J2EE frameworks (JSP, JSF, Struts) is big advantage
    • Good command of spoken and written English
    • Good analytic skills, able to work independently
    • Experience in Life insurance business would be an advantage
    • Flexible, dynamic person

    Assistant Manager, Project Manager (Telesales)
    Job Accountabilities
    • Prepare potential customers to purchase company's’ products and services.
    • Prepare and update the standard sales scripts for Telesales Call Center to ensure the quality and completeness of product and services information, and customers’ interests and benefits.
    • Provide advice and guidance with Telesales Call Center Team in performing the direct calls with the new and existing customers by using the standard sales scripts, providing the necessary information regarding to products and services, to promote and sell company’s products and services.
    • Collect the information, and provide the daily sales summary report and other reports regarding to Telesales performance.
    • Provide advice, coaching and supports to Telesales Call Center in order to prevent and eliminate the complaints from QC, customers and OIC.
    • Prepare and conduct Telesales training sessions, and provide technical support to Telesales Representatives.
    • Maintain performance records and historical reports for performance evaluations of Telesales Representatives with accuracy and in timely manner.
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, or other related field.
    • 3-5 Experience in Quality Control and Assessment, Quality Improvement, Telesales, or Sales/ Distribution, or other related fields in insurance or banking business.
    • Knowledge of insurance industry and product
    • Leading and Managing people skill
    • Problem solving and Decision Making skill
    • Monitoring and Controlling skill
    • Customer services management skill
    • Training and coaching skill

    Vice President, Corporate Actuarial
    Job Accountabilities
    • Perform experience study and develop assumptions for financial projections.
    • Perform coding/ programming, define the financial and dependency impacts, communicate the impacts to all relevant parties and ensure the successful implementation.
    • Provide the statistic financial/ performance reports, and perform analysis and commentary of the report.
    • Monitor and validate the information regarding to actuarial valuation in the system.
    • Review and ensure the accuracy of the actuarial valuation reports.
    • Submit the actuarial valuation reports to all relevant parties with accuracy and in timely manner.
    • Plan and coordinate with the relevant parties in conducting peer review on technical coding/ programming and defining the impacts of coding/ programming changes.
    • Define the communication/ training materials for model/ methodology changes, and communicate with all relevant parties.
    • Submit statistically financial/ performance reports to all relevant parties with accuracy and in timely manner.
    • Ensure all forecast and plan numbers are submitted to AZAP and Group Actuarial with accuracy and in timely manner.
    • Perform statistics required and submitted to local regulator and insurance association.
    • Ensure the accuracy and timely deliver of the statistical reports.
    • Propose the relevant cash dividend and terminal dividend for all the participating products of Allianz Ayudhya.
    • Provide quick and accurate analysis to support project appraisels.
    • Provide clear communications on the risks and options available.
    • Project manage to ensure a successful project delivery.
    • Provide useful data to assist in competitor benchmarking.
    • Support other adhoc projects/issues by providing timely and accurate analysis and liasing with other departments on behalf of the CFO.
    • Numerical degree plus completion of actuarial exams (either through a Bachelor's or Master's degree or with a recognized international actuarial body) or an equivalent qualification in risk and financial modeling.
    • At least 5 years of experience in Actuarial or Risk or Financial Modeling.
    • Life insurance cash-flow modeling
    • Life insurance profit testing
    • Life insurance assumption setting
    • Life insurance Regulatory and Financial reporting
    • Strategizing and decision making
    • Communicating technical issues

    Assistant Vice President, Internal Audit
    Job Accountabilities
    • Prepare audit planning process according to Regional Audit Standards Guidance.
    • Develop Annual and Long-term Audit Plan (five-year plan) using a risk-based methodology.
    • Prepare the Final Audit Plan for processing the approval from the President and Audit Committee.
    • Conduct the assigned audit project by following the Internal Audit Manual which aligns with Allianz Group Audit Manual.
    • Perform Audit Preparation process, including collection of information, risk assessment, definition of the audit scope, allocation of task within the audit team and development audit work program.
    • Perform Audit Field work process such as preparation kick-off meeting presentation informing the objective, scope of audit, audit team and timeline, preparation kick-off minute, conduct audit field work for gathering, analyzing and evaluating evidence, preparation work papers for documentation of work performed and fact finding from audit, documentation audit results and conduct debriefing meeting.
    • Perform Audit Closing process, including completion Audit Closing Checklist, preparation management survey for sending to concern management of each project and closing the audit such as maintenance of permanent files.
    • Conduct an on-site follow up and evaluate the implementation status of the action plan whether remediation progress is adequate.
    • Provide consulting service when requested by other Departments both informal and formal request.
    • Provide audit service based on management request such as fraud activities, etc. and report audit finding to management.
    • Support the Secretary of the AC and ensure that the Meeting is well organized and runs smoothly and efficiently.
    • Coordinate with concerned division/ department to gather information of certain issue and prepare paper for consideration and approval by AC.
    • Submit Audit Plan in Audit Planning Reporting Tool (APRT) and response to the feedback from Group Audit (if any).
    • Perform and submit Self-Assessment Tool as required by Group Audit on yearly basis.
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and related field.
    • At least 8 years of experience in auditing
    • Experience in operational auditing, insurance business knowledge, banking business and related fields.
    • Fluent in English communication and presentation skills
    • International work experience is preferred
    • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is preferable

    Manager, Internal Audit
    Job Accountabilities
    Manager, Internal Audit is responsible to perform internal audit independently on assigned audit projects or lead the internal audit team to analyze business processes, procedures and activities with the goal of highlighting organizational problems or control weakness, identifying risks and providing recommendation to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

    This position is also to assist management in evaluating internal control and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. Internal audit activities are geared towards helping the company to mitigate risks and ensuring compliance with the Company’s policies, Allianz’s policies and related Regulatory Law.

    • Audit Planning and Audit Project Processes.
    • Follow-Up Process.
    • Consulting Service & Special Request.
    • Management of the Audit Committee (AC) Meeting.
    • Reporting to Group Audit.
    • Coordination with Group Audit/External Auditors.
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance or related fields.
    • 5-8 years of experience in internal auditing, consulting, accounting or other related fields in insurance or banking business (Have an experience or knowledge in IT Audit will be advantage).
    • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is preferable.
    • Understanding of auditing, financial reporting, risk management.
    • Knowledge of regulatory requirements.
    • Very good command of English (speaking, reading and writing).

    Assistant Vice President, Product Actuarial
    Job Accountabilities
    • To support the CPPO/Head of Pricing on strategy and policy of Actuarial Pricing Management defined for new products and existing products for the assigned channels.
    • To be able to apply standard best practice and actuarial guidelines.
    • To be able to propose actuarial decisions with sound principles and technical excellence.
    • To be able to drive company initiatives assigned to Product Actuarial.
    • To ensure company product are meeting financial requirements.
    • To ensure relevant product development tasks are delivered on time and results are high quality.
    • To be able to support product design for assigned channels and review product features with consideration to risks, profitability and regulations, provide risk assessment of the product and provide advice on risk mitigation.
    • To participate with product implementation team to discuss and provide comments on product development issues.
    • To ensure products comply with group standards and local regulations.
    • To ensure product-related documents to support filing of the product to regional office and regulator for approval are appropriate and sufficient, also provide answers / discuss with regional office's staff and regulator queries.
    • To provide support on product proposals to business partners e.g. sales compensation determination to ensure competitiveness and profitability measures are met.
    • To work with and support other functions to define and assess business opportunities e.g. government's initiatives, market movements.
    • To perform analyses of key statistics for pricing purpose e.g. claims, mortality and persistency and advice on appropriate course of action.
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Actuarial Sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, Finance or related field.
    • At least 8 years’ experience in Actuarial Pricing and/ or Product Development in insurance or banking business.
    • Mathematics, Statistics or Actuarial Sciences knowledge
    • Actuarial pricing management skill
    • Quantitative and analytical thinking skills
    • Project management and coordination skills
    • Communication and negotiation skills

    Assistant Manager to Manager, Product Management
    Job Accountabilities
    • Manage product planning & prioritization to ensure all products are launched on time with high quality.
    • Develop product with Outside-In thinking to drive innovative product solution to the market.
    • Understand, align and follow the product strategy by channel.
    • Work with Supervisor on the product design and analysis.
    • Coordinate with Product Implementation Team (PDIT) to deliver the product development for all channels according to the set timeline.
    • Coordinate with Reinsures on the product design and structure.
    • Work closely with line manager to update product status and report key issues and recommendation.
    • Work together with other divisions/departments to ensure the alignment and approval before product launch.
    • Review and provide suggestion (if any) sales material / training slides / all communication about the product features.
    • Develop sales illustration tools, Excel Tool, Quote Express, Mobile Quote Express.
    • Manage resources for sales illustration tools development, Excel Tool, Quote Express, Mobile Quote Express.
    • Support the product team in preparing and work in detail for QE readiness in launching the product for each channel.
    • Initiate and develop innovative premium quotation tools to response to the change in technology.
    • Identify key issues and recommendation to line manager in case the set timeline cannot be achieved.
    • Prepare Announcement regarding to product launch and amendment.
    • Ensure all stakeholders are updated and aware about the detail of product launch and the changes along the way.
    • Ensure approval from all parties concerned regarding all materials to agents/partners and/or customers.
    • Review the material about the product features to customers and suggest on the features to be highlight to increase productivity.
    • Review and suggest the wording to be used in the product communication to prevent mislead or misspelling.
    • Bachelor or Master Degree in Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Actuarial Science, Statistics, Economics, Information System Management or related field.
    • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in Product pricing, Product Marketing, Product Management or Product Strategy, preferably with experience in Life Insurance.
    • Good skills & knowledge in Actuarial and Marketing
    • Have strong project management, presentation and interpersonal skills
    • Very good command of English (speaking, reading and writing)


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