Principles of Good Governance

Allianz Ayudhya Assurance PLC is sustainable by the trust in which our clients, shareholders, employees and public opinion have in the performance of the Company, based on principles of integrity and good governance.

The Company is committed to conduct its business with honesty, transparency, efficiency and responsibility to all interested and related persons on fair basis and based on legal correctness and principles of good governance, as follow:

1. Right of the shareholders and fair treatment to the shareholders. The Company is always committed to promote and protect the interest of the shareholders, even in circumstances of having to face problems and various fluctuations, i.e. economic, social and political situations.

2. Information disclosure and transparency are verifiable. The Company places importance on the clear and transparent working system including standard audit system to enable advance and sustainable organization development.

3. Maintain Integrity. The Company is committed to place importance on integrity as main principle in conducting its business as the Company could foresee various problems, which may arise from dishonest conduct, would create negative impact and huge damage to the Company and society in many aspects.

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